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We have 17 Beers on Tap and 30+ Bottles to Choose from!
We feature house cocktails as well as make custom craft drinks.

Current Beer List:
Bud Light 4.2%
Dos XX Amber 4.7%
Honey Brown 4.5%
Shiva IPA 6% (NC)
Ninja Porter 5.6% (NC)
828 Pale Ale 6.5% (NC)
Rocket Girl Lager 4% (NC)
Wee Heavyer 7% (NC)
Carolina Blonde 5% (NC)
Spaten Lager 5.2% (Germany)
Whiplash White IPA 6.2% (GA)
Angry Orchard Original Cider 5.5% (MA)
Abita Strawberry Harvest 4.2% (LA)
RJ Rockers Bell Ringer Ale 8.5% (SC)
Lagunitas Undercover 9.5% (CA)
Southern Tier 2X IPA 8.2% (NY)
Southern Tier Crème Brule 9.3% (NY)




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